KAT on the Trade Block? 5 Potential Karl-Anthony Towns Trades

ESPN.com’s Zach Lowe stated on his podcast earlier today (19th May 2018) that Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves are “not in a good place internally”. Espn.com’s Brian Windhorst also added that it would not be unheard of if Towns’ name eventually surfaced in trade discussions.

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

I personally cannot see the Minnesota Timberwolves trading their face of the franchise player in Karl-Anthony Towns, however, if he is available and on the trade block, what kind of offers would they receive? Below are my 5 potential KAT trades this off-season. Comment down below if you agree, any other potentially KAT trades and finally whether or not you think he will actually be traded.



1. Pheonix Suns


T-Wolves Receive: 1st Overall Pick, 31st Overall Pick, Josh Jackson (SF), Marquese Chriss (PF)

Suns Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns (C)

Devin Booker has already tweeted out about the potential of KAT going the Suns, but what would it take for it to happen? This year’s 1st overall pick would be a must for Minnesota in this trade. With the pick, the T-Wolves would be able to draft an immediate replacement for Towns in DeAndre Ayton. They would also probably demand atleast 1 good young player and/or another first round pick for Towns. That player could be Josh Jackson, who could provide the T-Wolves with some energy and defence off the bench. I also threw in a second-round pick and young player Marquese Chriss to sweeten the deal.

Looking at this from the Suns’ side of things, they would acquire one of the best centres in the NBA who is only making $6m a year. Towns and Booker is a great young duo to build your future around and would suddenly make the Suns an attractive destination for star free agents.



2. LA Lakers

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Lakers

T-Wolves Receive: Brandon Ingram (SF), Kyle Kuzma (SF/PF), 25th Overall Pick (via Cavs), 2020 1st (via Lakers)

Lakers Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns (C)

The Lakers are another rebuilding team that have plenty of assets to offer Minnesota. They may be willing to part ways with young SF Brandon Ingram and rookie Kyle Kuzma to get the deal over the line. The Lakers are heavily rumoured with potentially bringing in 2 all-star players this off-season out of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lebron James. The only problem is they all play the same position and the Lakers 2 biggest talents also play this position (SF). Trading for Towns could open up free roster spots at SF/PF for a star signing in free agency and would also provide the Lakers with one of the best centres in the NBA who is only 22 years old. Plus, could you imagine a starting 5 including; Towns, Lebron, PG13 and Lonzo!? Dreamland for Lakers fans.

The T-Wolves would grab themselves 2 potential all-star calibre players and 2 1st round draft picks. This trade would probably also mean that Wiggins would likely be traded (for a centre) but would give Minnesota a good return for a player who they could potentially be looking to move this summer.



3. Milwaukee Bucks


T-Wolves Receive: Kris Middleton (SG/SF), Malcolm Brogdon (PG/SG), Thon Maker (C), 17th Overall Pick, 2020 1st (via Bucks)

Bucks Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns (C), Gorgui Dieng (C)

This is probably the worst trade for the T-Wolves out of the 5 in my opinion, but it does provide them with something they’re desperate for; Defense. Middleton is a great (and in my opinion underrated) 3-and-D wing and Malcolm Brogdon is a great defensive point guard who was the 2016/17 rookie of the year. They also receive 2 1st round draft picks and are able to dump the bad contract of Dieng. The Bucks, on the other hand, will be desperate for this trade to happen as Towns and Antetekoumpo is a scary duo that’s going to be a real threat in the Eastern Conference for a long time.



4. Boston Celtics #1


T-Wolves Receive: Jayson Tatum (SF)

Celtics Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns (C)

A straight swap. Celtics get themselves a massive upgrade a centre, going from Aron Baynes to KAT, allowing Horford to play his natural position of PF. The T-Wolves on the other hand, would be getting one of the best young players in the NBA and star of this year’s playoffs, Jayson Tatum.

The Celtics will likely be very reluctant to give up Tatum, but they may weigh up the pros and cons and see that they’re getting a star young player at a position of need and although they are losing a star young player of their own, his scoring can be replaced by Gordon Hayward who is set to return from injury next season.



5. Boston Celtics #2


T-Wolves Receive: Jaylen Brown (SG), Terry Rozier (PG), 2019 1st (via Kings), 2020 1st (via Celtics)

Celtics Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns (C)

This is probably more of the trade the Celtic would want to figure out for KAT. The T-Wolves get themselves an elite young defender in Brown, a great 6th man in Terry Rozier and 2 first round draft picks (one of which will likely be top 10 or even top 5 in next years draft via the Kings). On the Celtics side of things, Towns would complete their superteam and make them one of the best teams in the NBA for the foreseeable future.


Comment down below if you agree, any other potentially KAT trades and finally whether or not you think he will actually be traded.

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